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Follow curiouser film-maker Matt Levin down the rabbit hole as he pilots our trip through the multi-layered psychedelic realm - inspired and guided by the insights and experiences recounted by the musicians, technologies, artists, gurus, writers, places, and ideas he engages with along the way.

***New Episode***

Feeling daunted? Don’t be! Instead join artist, author, space rock legend and appreciator of Icelandic “window weather”, Will Carruthers, as he takes us on a celestial trip through his career in music, painting, and writing. Will sat for an interview with Dom Gourlay at the 2016 Liverpool Psych Festival and shares some of his recollections and wild stories of working with Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Brian Jonestown Massacre and more in this very special presentation by Translove Airwaves, "Nobody Gets Fat Eating Music"

***Previous Episodes***
Engage as Matt discovers the dots that join the doyen of psychedelic film, Chilean-born Alejandro Jodorosky’s 1989 classic Santa Sangre to the Pope via composer Simon Boswell who, himself, is then inspired by Matt to play guitar for the first time in 25 years. Tranlsove Airwaves Pilot ep,

"You Can't Auto-Tune the Pope"

Immerse yourself in krautrock pioneers, Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann, as they bend minds at Liverpool Psych Fest, discuss growing up in the shadow of the Nazi generation in Germany, whilst PsychFi relocate those same minds at the back of the room through their immersive AV cyberdelics. TLA ep #2 "Krautwerk Umarmt Liverpool"


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Matt Levin is a filmmaker, music, film, & art lover; and creator and host of the new psychedelic TV series, Translove Airwaves. Conceived in the Summer of Love - born and raised in Los Angeles. Went to Film school in Oregon and now lives in Washington, DC with his partner Natalie and their almost 7 year old daughter Juliet.

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