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Translove Airwaves in Mexico City!

Hola mis amigos! Very excited to share some big news! All roads seem to be leading to Mexico City! Over Day of the Dead weekend, starting Oct 30 2019, there’s an amazing horror film festival happening there called MORBIDO FEST.

Morbido fest poster

The maestro himself, Simon Boswell, will be performing live with his band, Simon Boswell and the And, to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Santa Sangre, the classic Alejandro Jodorowsky film masterpiece that Simon did the beautiful score for! The event is being held at possibly the most beautiful theater in all of Mexico, Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris!

But that's not all...i just received word that the pilot for Translove Airwaves, which features Simon speaking about his collaboration with Jodorowsky, will also now be playing at the festival! The organizers tell me they have something special planned for the screening! Since they're keeping it a secret, I figured I'd have to go to Mexico City myself, to find out what the fuss was all about 😉 Hasta pronto MX City!!!🙏

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