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Ancient River(live), Milwaukee Psych Fest V

I have a lot of live footage that I haven't gotten out for one reason or another. Mostly it's due to the fact that I have more footage than time, which isn't the worst problem to have. Maybe I can hire an assistant to help me with this? If you want to sort through hours and hours of live footage of cool, psychedelic rock bands, let me know!

So, with that said, Florida's Ancient River, seem to be the psych rock "it band" of the moment. Deservedly so. They released two brilliant records in 2020, After The Dawn, and the latest, The House of Stone. Both have garnered rave reviews and made just about everyone's best of 2020 list. I've been aware that I filmed in Milwaukee for Psych Fest V a few years ago, so I thought now would be a good time to share their set. The light show was done by Lance Gordon's amazing, Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show, which always adds incredible visuals to the proceedings


Lastly, my good friend John, a local Milwaukee DJ, music aficionado, and all around cool guy, had been wanting to see this footage because during their set, Ancient River did a cover of a track by the legendary Milwaukee band, The Frogs.

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