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Chatham Rise, Hummingbird(live) First Avenue

I recently posted about the incredible night of music I was lucky to film and witness in Minneapolis a couple of years ago with the Brian Jonestown Massacre at the iconic First Avenue venue that Prince made famous in Purple Rain. Opening the show that night was the brilliant, shoegazy, psychedelic band, Chatham Rise.

Minnesota, and Minneapolis specifically, has always had an amazing and diverse music scene throughout its history exploding in the late 50's and 60's with rhythm and blues, folk, soul, gospel and R&B, new wave, bands, course the “Minneapolis Sound”

What might be unknown to a lot of folks is that over the last 20 years, Minneapolis has had quite possibly the biggest and best psychedelic/shoegaze music scene in the states for sure, and dare I say, on the planet? Bands like the incredible Flavor Crystals, who just released one of my fav records of the year, that I'll be posting about soon. Other bands such as Magic Castles, Panther Ray, DIIE, Cult of Lip, and the aforementioned Chatham Rise have all quietly put out fantastic music in recent years.

Collin Axel, lead singer for Chatham Rise, is a terrific guy that I'm happy to call a good friend. He's a great connector within the scene. He's been so support and continues to help Translove, connecting me with so many musicians and artists. He's also supportive of other bands, and selflessly helps promote and get the word out about other friends bands. CR's music creates a beautiful wall of noise, with Slowdive and Spacemen 3/Spiritualized being influences, but with their own unique flavor.

They’ve been able play some fantastic shows opening for such notable bands as Brian Jonestown Massacre, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, LOOP, SPECTRUM, Black Mountain, Temples, Morning After Girls, Allah-Las, Besnard Lakes, The Warlocks, and Elephant Stone and many more.

Again, this clip I'm posting was taken from the show with BJM a couple of years ago at the famous First Avenue in Minneapolis. The lovely track I’m presenting is called Hummingbird, a lovely, woozy, slide guitar number. Special mention to Wonder Haus for the beautiful light show.

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