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Updated: Mar 6, 2021

RIDE's Today Forever(TF) EP turns 30 this month, released in March of 1991, and coming on the heels of 1990's excellent debut LP, Nowhere, is now considered a masterpiece of the shoegaze genre. In some ways Today Forever was a transitional release for RIDE. It sees the band moving away from the full on white noise and flashy guitar effects of Nowhere to a more focused approach to the song writing, that would carry over to their second LP, Going Blank Again.

TF's sound is a bit more subdued and chilled out than Nowhere. The restraint really helped establish a more bare bones and mature style in the EP's sound. What separates TF from the rest of the genre, and even RIDE's catalog, is a clear production and a willingness to hold itself back. Here is where RIDE perfected their sound, offering clearer waters than the somewhat murkiness of Nowhere. It all is pushed in the background to construct the oceanic atmosphere Ride tap into perfectly, one that's difficult to describe but immediately apparent. Most importantly, it never overstays it's welcome and leaves you wanting more.

This allows each song to easily form an identity that becomes essential to the pacing of the album. For instance, “Sennen", in some ways the perfect RIDE song, feels like a stroll through your old neighborhood with the fond memories of your youth as the sun begins to set. It's a pivotal piece in building the character of the EP, reminding you to cherish every moment as the seconds are fleeting. Each song holds up the EP in its own way, but with similar effectiveness. There's truly no wasted time or missing elements, making it stand as a classic.

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