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Stereolab, Live in DC!

Back in September, the essential, French/British band, Stereolab, played in DC for the first time in 15 years, and I was lucky enough to get asked by Laetitia Sadier to film the show! It was a beautiful fall day, much like today was in the District, but aside from the weather, everything has changed since then. One of the things I miss is going to shows. Live music is in my blood, and there's nothing like a great show to really give you energy and make you feel alive. It's funny how people would often complain about how crowded venues would be so packed you couldn't move. I bet now in our new social distancing reality, people would give anything to feel safe enough going to a sold out show even if it meant getting bumped into and jostled about by everyone. A mosh pit actually sounds pretty good right now...

So while I realize that video can never replace actually being there. I thought this clip would be worth sharing at this moment in time. Thanks again to Laetitia and the rest of Stereolab!

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