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T-Shirt O the Day #1 Adios, Lucha Libre

Here’s an idea that could’ve only been cooked up during a pandemic induced quarantine/lock down. T-Shirt O the Day! Excited? Well it’s okay if you’re not, it will kill a few minutes anyway... Natalie helped me organize my t-shirts that were admittedly out of control. It got me thinking that some t-shirts are just t-shirts, but others hold some significance, at least for me. They can have memories of places, people, travels, events, or even a moment in time associated with them. I guess any article of clothes can do it, but we're talking t-shirt here! So, without further ado... T-Shirt O the Day #1 - This one is my current fav. I picked it up in Mexico City while there for Morbido Film Fest with Simon Boswell. Lucha Libre is a way of life in Mexico! We got to see a live match in Chapultepec, Mex City’s equivalent of Central Park. It was a trip, to say the least! An experience and a sincere sensation! #tshirtoftheday #mexicocity #luchalibre

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