• Matt Levin

T-shirt O the Day #3 - Harold and Maude

I ordered this tee some years ago because I love Hal Ashby's 1971 film, Harold and Maude, so much. This particular image of them on a stolen police motorcycle is perfect. It's a real fuck you to authority which I think we can all relate to right now. I've been thinking quite a bit about H and M lately during the current pandemic. It's a movie obsessed with death and is about as existential as it gets. But it's not morbid in the least. It's really about accepting death and celebrating life with a sense of humor. Obviously Maude chooses the timing of her own demise, something many people can't do right now. But nonetheless there are lessons to be learned from H and M about what beauty really means and how important it is to keep your individuality in the face of conformity and blandness.

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