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The David Denny Story

I thought it was time to revisit The David Denny Story. The recent events with the horrible George Floyd killing, and the ensuing protests that have taken place all over the country and the world have made me think about David's journey. I got to know David when I directed a video a couple of years back about his life and journey for a local DC homeless newspaper

and advocacy organization, Street Sense Media.

David grew up in DC in the 50's, enduring horrible racism against African-Americans, and was just a boy of 13 when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis in 1968. Riots broke out in DC, and young David was right in the middle of the carnage. This had a profound effect on him that would forever inform his life.

David suffered through years of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as homelessness, living on the streets, in abandoned buildings, and a vicious cycle of winding up in jail, getting out, and ending up back behind bars.

Without giving the whole story away, David used his poetry, and the help of Street Sense Media to find a better path and life for himself. It was a pleasure to get to know David while working on the project. He's an incredible guy, with an incredible story to tell that is more relevant than ever right now. Please watch the video to see him come full circle on the road to redemption.

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