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The Return of Uncle Matt's Two-Hour Shower!

I hosted a psychedelic radio show in DC from 2010-2015 called Uncle Matt's Two-Hour Shower! It was not just a recorded podcast, but was broadcast live on a small radio station called Radio CPR, ironically titled for our current situation, huh? I miss doing the show quite a bit. I played music, but also brought on guests, musicians, artists, and friends. It was definitely a precursor to my TVseries, Translove Airwaves.

I've been thinking that during this time of quarantine, it might not be a bad idea to revive the two-hour shower! There's certainly time for it...As I ponder doing new shows, here's one from the archives. One of the last shows I did in September of 2014, just a little over a month after Juliet was born. I definitely had babies on the brain at that time, hence the theme of the show! It's fun to go back and hear what my state of mind was at the time, not to mention what I was listening to. One things for sure, bands like The High Violets, Chatham Rise, and Elephant Stone are timeless, and will always be in the rotation...

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