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Translove Airwaves, Psychedelic Summer 2021 Playlist

I've been a fan of psychedelic music since I was a kid. Although my mom took me to punk shows at an early age, I was drawn to the trippier bands. Although I loved X, The Clash, and The Germs, I was more into stuff like Wall of Voodoo, XTC, and Gang of Four. GoF's track Anthrax was the perfect blend of punk and psychedelic noise. As for the Beatles, their more lysergic-tinged tracks, I Am The Walrus, She Said She Said, and Tomorrow Never Knows, have always been my favs, much more than the early, She Loves You stuff. I was 11 when Pink Floyd's, The Wall came out, and I remember that it blew my mind. Of course now, I'm much more into the early early Floyd, Piper, and the Syd Barrett stuff, but it was still a pretty cool intro to psych rock.

I used to help a friend out at our college radio show channel in Eugene, Oregon, which was fun, but I had never hosted my own show until 2010, when I met someone here in DC that had a show at local station, Radio CPR. So I started doing "Uncle Matt's Two-Hour Shower! I know I know, the name makes me sound like a creeper, but the truth is, it was an inside joke cooked up between my sister and I, about my long showers growing up!

I did my show for 5 years, 2010-2014, I miss doing it quite a bit. My archives are still online I stopped doing it before my daughter was born. My format was that I'd played old and new mostly psychedelic tracks, but I hated to be pigeon holed with what I played, but anyway, I often would play blocks where I would take a new band whose sound was clearly influenced by an older band so you could hear them back to back. Example: Playing a Suicide track and then playing a Vacant Lots song.

As much as I missed doing the radio show, I wanted to do something different, which led me to coming up with the idea for Translove Airwaves, so things worked out in that sense. But I miss the immediacy of a live show. Since music is still a big part of TLA, I thought one thing I could do would be to share a Spotify playlist that's formatted in a similar fashion with mixing old and new tracks where the influences are apparent. So without further ado as I used to say on the two hour shower, hope you enjoy the set!

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