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Translove Airwaves Film Series

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I'm excited to announce the launch of a Translove Airwaves psychedelic film series at Lost Origins gallery in Mt. Pleasant, DC! In partnership with Jason Hamacher, who runs Lost Origins, we've hatched a plan to get people together every Solstice or Equinox to celebrate the changing of the seasons with an evening of psychedelic film, art and music. The first one will be held on the Spring Equinox, Friday, March 20th. Please RSVP since we're showing a feature film and space is limited.

For the series premiere, we're going to show the pilot episode of my psychedelic TV show, Translove Airwaves. This pilot features Simon Boswell, the legendary UK film composer, who wrote and performed the musical score for Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1989 psychedelic masterpiece, Santa Sangre. After the pilot, we'll have a Q&A with a surprise guest, and then we'll screen Santa Sangre itself. Be prepared to be blown away!

A huge amount of gratitude and thanks is owed to the remarkable designer, Jeff Everett, for his design of the event poster, and to Batuhan Bintas, who did the brilliant original animation and the SimonBeetle art work! And of course to Jason, and the great folks at Lost Origins, Autumn, Holly, and Steve for their help in making this happen.

Lastly, the terrific writer, Alex Deley, was gracious enough to write a wonderful review of Santa Sangre for the event! Hope to see everyone on March 20th!

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