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Translove Pilot with Simon Boswell Goes Public!

The time has come to make the pilot episode for Translove Airwaves, 'You Can't Auto-Tune the Pope', staring the legendary film composer, Simon Boswell, available to the public! It's had a successful run on the film festival circuit playing in New York City, Atami, Japan, and Mexico City over the last couple of years, but I want people to see it, so I've decided to turn it loose!

I would love funding and distribution to make more TLA on a bigger scale, and hopefully that will come soon. Until then I keep plugging away making episodes on my own. If you know anyone at Netflix or production companies, or wealthy private investors that would like to see more of my psychedelic adventures send them my way!

I'm very proud of this first show I did. First and foremost I have to thank Simon for opening is home, his work, and his life to me. He truly embodies what it means to live a psychedelic lifestyle. He's a brilliant artist and musician, but he's also the most gracious, warmest guy I've ever met, and we were able to make some pretty spontaneous magic together. I'll always cherish the experience with, and feel honored and grateful to call him my friend.

So many other people helped make the show happen. My producer in the U.K., Dave Newton is the best. My crew, Liam Martin and Christian Curtis were exceptional. My editors, Liam, and Brett Eichenberger were just brilliant. My animators, Micah Buzan and Batuhan Bintas are both amazing artists who made the show that much more magical. James Edward Marks who connected me to Simon, and Dom Gourlay who got me to Liverpool Psych Fest in the first place where I made so many of these connections, I will be forever grateful for.

So as Simon says, you have to be prepared to go on the journey. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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