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Uncle Matt's Live DJ Set. July 1st, 2022

I hadn't done a live DJ Set in awhile. I hosted Uncle Matt's Two-Hour Shower on Radio CPR in DC from 2010-2014, and I loved every minute of it. My archives are still online. But after my daughter was born I gave it up. I've stayed busy with other projects, namely my TV series, Translove Airwaves, but there's nothing as immediate, and instantly gratifying as play live music with a crowd. There's a buzz that happens that's just the best feeling.

So last night I was asked to play a guest DJ set for my friend, Rick Taylor's long running event(since 2004), We Fought The Big One, at Marx Cafe in Mt. Pleasant, DC. Ironically it's just across the street from where the radio station was that I did my show. I can't thank Rick enough for asking me to do it. The timing was perfect. I needed a pick me up, and this was just the answer.

I know I'm not the alone on this, but it had been a very depressing week, what with all of the terrible, backwards decision that SCOTUS, has been making, and I was feeling down, and my mojo wasn't really there. But I had a show to put together, and I realized, when I was actually playing my set last night how much music has the power to heal and bring people together. It doesn't solve all of the problems, but it does create, positive energy and good vibes, and I know I felt a lot better during and afterwards.

Lastly, there is so much cool new music atm, that it was easy to put a set list together, I mixed in some older stuff as well, just like I used to do with my show. So I'm sharing my playlist, hopefully you can discover something new that you'll dig, and hopefully I can do more of these live sets in the near future.

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