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Will Carruthers: Gluggaveður

A very special Icelandic saying is Gluggaveður. It essentially means, window-weather. So when you look outside the window and it looks like the weather is amazing, but when you go outside it is actually freezing cold. Therefore, it's called window weather.

"Gluggaveður" is the name that Will Carruthers gave the tryptich painting I commissioned him to do for me! He suggested the Icelandic seaside setting and the idea that the black borders all around and in between the 3 panels would create the illusion of a window looking out to sea.

I would say it's a smashing success! I'm thrilled with the painting! It's a beautiful piece, and Will's work is extraordinary! I've never had a piece of art commissioned before and it really feels special, and something I'm very glad I did.

As a side note. When we told Juliet about the concept we had, she suggested that the piece should have pink snow, and an arctic snow whale in it, and Will was very very sweet and agreed to put it in! With that said, the whale is somewhat hidden in the ocean, but if you look hard enough you can find it!

For more info on Will's art, books, and music, check out his site here. WillCarruthers

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